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© 2019 Tucker Spolter

The Shape of Things through Butterfly Wings

A butterfly landed on my nose today.

While I was in the garden modeling clay.


Imagine a  butterfly right on your nose?

Why didn't she land on a daisy or maybe a rose.


So  I  sat  on the swing under our tree,

Where  I stared at her - and she stared at me,


When this went on for a moment or two,

I finally said "How-do-you-do?"


She waved a wing at my freckled face,

Stepping a bit higher with delicate grace.


And then she began a wonderful game.

A game of forms - without any name.


She tucked her wings into a perfect square,

And twisted antennae round in the air.


I wondered amazed at this incredible sight,

Butterflies can’t make squares, this wasn't right.


But when I copied with a square of  my own,

My Butterfly went into a shape making zone.


Her wings and antenna formed perfect triangles,

Flipped inside out and became rectangles.


She formed a cube and a parallelogram,

I felt like I was taking a shaping exam.


Then, just as quick as you please,

She ran through the alphabet -- A’s to the Z’s


She bent in half to form a bone,

Then wrapped a wing into a cone.


I  made a shape like the moon and the sun,

Shaping with a Butterfly was wonderful fun.


My Friend  inched forward till my eyes went cross,

And then shaped a hexagon to show me who’s boss.


Her tiny feet tickled as she danced on my skin.

And down in my body  I felt it begin.


Deep in my throat and behind my eyes,

I was totally, utterly caught by surprise.


I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. Oh, no please.

I knew I was forming a horrible sneeze.


I pinched the holes on both sides of my nose,

But what happened next you’d never suppose.


Just as I sneezed with a big ah -choo,

My Butterfly friend did the same thing too.


Butterflies can’t laugh, ask any kid,

But I cross my heart, my butterfly did.


She waved good-bye and  fluttered away,

I waved back - what a magical day.


I felt my heart smile and fill with joy.

I’d more fun with a Butterfly, than I ever had with a toy.