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© 2019 Tucker Spolter

What You Can Learn From a Snake and a Worm


A snake slithered into my room today,

While I was on the floor playing with clay.


The snake started to move. I started to squirm.

Then from under my window wiggled a worm.


A snake and a worm right in my room?

If my mom found them she’d whack ‘em with a broom!


I sat on the floor, not a word did I utter,

For the snake and the worm seemed to know each other.


But how could I say hi to a worm or a snake?

Neither one nor the other had a hand to shake.


They zigged over toys and zagged ‘round books,

Occasionally exchanging bewildered looks.


Then the worm gave a nod and the snake flicked his tongue,

And before I knew what to do, they both had begun.


They started out slowly, with little motion at all,

The worm formed a pyramid the snake formed a ball.


Then the snake formed a circle that became an ellipse.

My two new friends were quite full of tricks.


Now I wanted to play, I wanted to shape,

So I formed an apple, a pear and a grape.


And as soon as they knew that I knew what to do,

They formed a diamond on my hand and my shoe.

Off we raced into a shape making marathon,

We formed hearts, cones and a pentagon.

The snake and the worm coiled up in the air,

Then collapsed on the bed in two perfect squares.


Then Wham! Bam! As quick as you please,

The worm shaped and A and the snake shaped two Zs.


When they coiled their tails I thought they might fight,

But they both kept shaping at the speed of light.


And just when I thought they both might stop,

Together they formed my football clock.


What a day! What a day! What incredible fun,

We shaped a comet, the moon and the sun.


Then from way far away I heard someone call,

There were sounds from the kitchen and then in the hall.


The big squeak on stairs told me I might be in trouble,

Someone was coming to burst our shaping  bubble.


While the snake climbed my leg and hid in my pocket. 

I grabbed for the worm but nearly dropped it.


Mom peeked though the door, “Awfully quiet in here.”

I couldn’t say a word…. I just wouldn’t dare.


You can’t lie to your Mom, you know what I mean,

But, if she looked in my pocket, she would have screamed.


She asked me to rest and take my afternoon nap,

I yawned and I told her I would happily do that.


When she door closed, I eased them out my window,

Then I quietly laid on my bed and my pillow.


Now if you can keep a secret and promise not to tell,

Cross your heart you won’t whisper or yell.


I’ve made a small hole in the wall of my room,

And I hope my two new friends come back soon.