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A Work of Art

Tucker Spolter

I dedicate this novel to my wife, Bobbie, who makes my life complete,and without who A Work of Art would not exist.


I would like to thank my wife and my beloved daughters, Tiffany and Tracey, for their editing and creative input; my first group of readers, Olivia Bishop Coupe, Cathy Jarvis Regensberger, Alice Carreon Coyle, Bea Cottrel and Phoebe Broderick for their encouragement and their mutual decision not to use the first draft to line their garbage cans. And of course if there are any misspellings, grammatical or punctuation errors blame them.  Phone numbers and e-mail address will be provided upon request.


Thanks to my second group of readers; Kevin Miller, Ernie DiBenedetto, Dave Forkel, Garry Fulmer, Tess Hendriks, Win Black and Renne Paterzo.


A special thanks to Bea Cottrel for taking my nine legal pads, typing the first rough, rough draft and for the unpretentious title, A Work of Art. 


Thanks to Lynn Kerrigan McCarthy, my barrister, advisor, and

Surrogate sister for all the joy you bring into my life.


And to Donna Yan & Stacy Gee, my former students, who created the cover for A Work of Art and the illustrations for my children’s books: The Shape of Things Through Butterfly Wings; What You Can Learn from a Snake and a Worm; Sylvia So; Twinkle, Twister and Starlight – The Three Elves Who Saved Christmas. All of which are available on


All characters in my novel are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is ridiculous. Imagine: a disgruntled employee of a power company; a woman obsessed with hats; an art critic complicit in the art theft of the decade; a thug who used his head as a pool cue; a world famous chef with no sense of smell, ridiculous.

And what if 300 pound sculpture fell from it's pedestal crushing it's creator?  Is the  "Flying Porpoise" crused?  Can a polished piece of marble cause mayhem and earthquakes?  Works of Art can't possibly do that.

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