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The Ride

Tucker Spolter

In Middlewood, Texas, on the 4th of July,

While exploding fire works lit up the sky,

Off in one corner of the huge fairground,

Stood Terrel Shocker dressed as a clown.


Terrel was insane, though no one could tell.

His mind was battered on the night that he fell.

It would have been better if Terrel had died.

Because day after day his brain pounded inside.


On top of his ride known as Satan’s Soul,

While tightening a bolt he lost his hold.

Tumbling, he struck the ground with a horrible thud.

And from his left ear oozed a trickle of blood.


Barkers and midgets flew from their tents,

But Terrel seemed fine from all the events.

Laughing, he arose slowly and pointed above,

Then gave the control lever a gentle shove.


Satan’s Soul twisted as the gears took hold,

Nuts and bolts getting dangerously old.

And just as lethal as a tab of cyanide,

Terrel’s brain pounded and pounded inside.


His patrons would willingly pay the fare,

Rushing to their seats; devil-may-care.

And up and a round the cars would glide,

While Terrel's brain pounded and pounded inside.


As people disembarked in two’s and three's,

Terrel’s brain buzzed like thousands of bees.

Amusement park rider’s would turn to a friend,

"That's scary as hell, let's take it again."


And when his ride had a capacity crowd,

Terrel Shocker was especially proud.

Happy that so many had chosen his ride,

And again and again brain pounded and pounded inside.


And so it happened on this July 4th night;

Came a young couple in the midst of a fight.

He was cocky and vain and wanted to impress,

A raven haired woman in a pale white dress.

He mocked Terrel and his infamous ride.

Opening a car door and climbing inside.

He held a large wad money in a fat, freckled fist,

“If the Devil’s Soul scares me, I'll give you this."


Sneering, Terrel mumbled as he checked a red gage,

Then slammed down the lever in a furious rage.

The man snickered defiantly as his car began to rise,

while Terrel's brain, pounded and pounded inside.


The ride spun faster, with a mind of it's own.

Then from its sides

       flew strips of chrome.

Faster and faster it whirled round and round,

As spears of steel crashed to the ground.


There was no more laughter from within the car.

Screaming the man clung to the cold iron bars.

Motors whined and steel girders did bend.

And a gathering crowd knew that this was the end.


The car wrenched from the track, upside down.

Raced toward the heavens and then to the ground.

A just for a moment the screams did subside,

While Terrel's Shocker’s brain quietly died.

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