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About Me

Tuck's a fourth generation San Franciscan, ukulele instructor, golfer, father, teacher, United States Marine, world traveler, sketcher, inventor, hiker, scuba diver, former hang glider and former bar owner in Marin County. He resides with his wife on a hilltop overlooking Mount Tamalpais and the hamlet of Larkspur, California

"Writers must write. It's lonely. It's wonderful! I imagine new universes, juggle thousands of possibilities and experiences, shuffle through our senses and across the gamut of human emotions; our fears, foibles and aspirations. This is why I write. And if you enjoy what I create, so much the better.
" - Tuck

"I still haven't read all of his books, but Tucker's a good boy."

Tuck's Mom alias "Cool Granny."

"If you don't love Tuck's children stories you're not a nice person. Look for me in the  'Cool Granny Tales.' The Policeman had no right to stop me in the first place."

Tuck's mom

"If your books do really well, do we still have to have a final exam?"

Tuck's students

"If your books become movies can we be in them?"

Tuck's students

"Can I sing at a book signing?"

Tuck's operatic Aunt Pauline

"Our firm WILL NOT represent Tucker in any law suits."

Tuck's younger brother Jerry

"Dad, when your stories become famous, how about a raise in our allowance."

Barb & Tuck's children

"I like it when he writes; the house is clean and quiet."

Tuck's wife Barb

Thanks to all my readers, and my family, especially my wife Bobbie -- without whom my life would be incomplete.



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