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The Observer by Tucker Spolter 

Chapter 4

Only a few of the leading citizens of Lakal knew there were two levels beneath the Council of Equals building. Only Sagra, his immediate family, and three others knew there was a third level. 

     Sagra had secretly commissioned a loyal construction crew –  which he later banned to the Nuaka delta –  to add the chamber during the original construction. Sagra and a few other original colonist had convinced the populace that the capitol of a new world needed a building . . . No, a new visions and democratic ideals.

Over time the chamber and its secret passage to the  Nuaka River were forgotten.  


     Alexander Rechat sat confidently in the middle of the room facing Sagra. “I was simply trying to get that bitches attention, Sagra.”

     “By banging on the hull of the shuttle with a Tineke club?”

     “The door to the shuttle was closed. She was spending a hell of a long time in there.” Rechat pulled the flap of his blue headgear to one side. “Besides the Erebus had left orbit and I wanted to get inside before the shenzing feris bugs did.” Rechat gathered his courage. “SHENZI, that's what you told me to do.”

     Instinctively Sagra right hand dropped to the hilt of pressure flaked obsidian blade protruding from his boot.  His voice was a whisper. “Do not shout obscenities at me Rechat. They do not impress. I asked question.  

     Rechat leaned in. “I’m confused here. Weren’t those your orders? Commander the shuttle. Learn how to fly it. Bring back the woman?”

      Sagra glared. “But that is NOT what happened, Rechat. . . Is it?  Your antics upset the woman, and she decided to go – “ In his anger Sagra almost withdrew the blade for emphasis.  “Who-knows-where. ”  

     “I watched her wave to Tyree and Hanar in the shuttle window. Then she dropped out of sight.  None of us knew what the shenzi she was doing.”

     “Ah, the ‘WE’ again. How many are there in your. . . Blue Cap . . . Gang?”

     “It’s not a gang. It's a militia. Your militia. You wanted extra. . . What did you call it?  Security. If you want it disbanded, I will do so today.” 

     “That’s a good idea. Do that! Do it today.”  Sagra’s voice rose. “Back to Krista and the shuttle. She’s flown somewhere. And I doubt it’s too far away. I sent Tyree and Hanar to the coast, which I still think is most likely. I believe Krista is trying to figure out just what the hell you and your . . . Gang were up to –“

     “It’s not my gang, Sagra. They are all volunteers. Assembled to protect you.   I was simply your surrogate.  And as of today, I will disband the Blue Caps.”

     Sagra eyed Rechat carefully and thought ‘I am not a fool. Give any group of men and women a cause, an identity, a symbol, a sense of importance, and exclusivity and you create a cult.  A dedicated cult. Rechat is no fool either. He has an agenda and . . . I’m on it. But now I need him.’ 

     Sagra smiled easily and walked next to Rechat and placed a hand on his shoulder.  “After you’ve disbanded the Blues, take a small contingent on the mountain road.  Use a few of  the pump-trolleys. Maybe Krista’s originally from one of the mountain worlds. Maybe after the . . .em. . . incident. After the Erebus departed, she became homesick. Who understands women?”

     “No one,” Rechat laughed. 

     “If you find her. Use some discretion. Try some tact.”

     “And if that doesn’t work?”

     “Tie her up and bring her to this room. It’s time we all came to an understanding.”  

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