Below are brief summaries of films I have written.  If you've never read a movie script, I recommend the experience.  The average script is 110 pages long.  But unlike reading a book each pages takes less than a minute to read. And each page, with a small investment of time, will take you on a wonderful journey.  I've listed some script reading tricks below.  So now,

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Concept: A comedy caper.


Chiseled from a one-thousand-pound slab of marble the "Flying Porpoise," an abstract sculpture, tumbles killing its creator. On its way to an art exhibit in San Francisco, the "Flying Porpoise," ibit it falls from the back of an armored truck and causes a seven-hour traffic jam on the Golden Gate Bridge. Later, “Flying Porpoise” is blamed for the fire, the minor earthquake and injures its thief. No wonder there's a curse.


When the sculpture lands in the reluctant custody of Peter Tuelly, he does everything he can to return it. But all hell breaks loose, Peter's inept. He's not ready for the big league. Criminals, cops, and the media are after him. Assisted by a woman who craves excitement and a neurotic art critic, Peter dons a new persona and uses some of San Francisco's most colorful and exotic locations to add his own slant on the curse of the "Flying Porpoise."

The Curse unravels here




Concept: High Adventure


On the eve of World War II, Aaron Keane a widower and his four children declare war on the German Navy. Flaherty tried to quit the Irish Republican Army, but the I.R.A. doesn't take to quitters and the German Navy needs a place to cache torpedoes, ammunition, food and fuel for their U-Boats. The I.R.A. calls in a chit. Keane's home, Bannow Island, and his family are payment. The German Navy picked the wrong island and the wrong family.  

The War begins here. 









A week before the prom, Tiffany discovers that the "love-of-her life" has dumped her for a mystery woman and a night at San Francisco's famed "Black and White Ball."


Tiff recruits her two best friends to crash the party. Combining their talents, Tracey an aspiring clothes designer and Moz a computer genius, elude their parents, teachers and fellow students, and ingeniously convert catastrophe into a magical, CINDERELLA night at San Francisco's famous Black and White Ball.


Catch the pumpkin carriage right here to attend the ball!






Once at the top of his world, Paxton Worth, captain of an oil rig in the North Sea, is brought to his knees when severely injured in a bizarre accident between his rig and a fishing trawler. Paxton loses his job and himself to alcohol. Lurking in the back-alleys of Edinburgh and seeking revenge, he is taken under the wing of the owner of a popular Scottish pub and a former world class dart thrower.


Even from a wheelchair Paxton's a natural dart thrower. His new friends and teammates christen him the "Yank." Under the tutelage of Fiona, the pub owner’s niece, Paxton hones his skills and regains his humanity. At the Ally Pally, Great Britain's premier darting competition, Paxton tosses his way to the finals - only to discover his final opponent is the man who ruined his legs.

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                           A LESSON IN VENGEANCE





A murdered student and an impotent justice system force a young widow to take justice into her own hands.


The classroom door slams shut behind a lame, grey haired woman.


"Substitute," snarls a punk. "She be hella old. Ready to die."


Using a cane for balance, the woman limps down an aisle to the chalkboard.


"Five minutes and dis bitch begone." Other kids pick up the chant. "Bitch be gone. Bitch be gone."


The woman calmly prints VENGEANCE on the chalkboard, then yanks off her disguise, whacks her cane across a desk. "Which one of you killed my son?"


The lesson begins here





                    Bill Levinson





What if a human created a sentient species? Would the creator be willing to give his life for his creation? And would the creation be willing to let his creator live?


Deep in space, astronauts stumble upon the remains of an ancient alien who might hold the key to the universe. The only way to retrieve it is with a new generation of robot. The robot's creator takes shortcuts and accidentally creates a sentient being. A being driven by the same instincts of all living organisms: to survive; to reproduce. The only way for the creation to survive is for the creator to die and if he does the keys to unlocking the mysteries of the universe disappear.                                                                         

The Voyage begins here



                               WINNER TAKES ALL




A chance encounter with her supposedly dead brother flings open the door to a young woman's nightmare childhood.


A man steps out of the shadows into the life of Keron Moore. Her brother? It can't be. He's dead. He died years ago with the rest of her family in the fire. But it is Adam, the only son in a family of daughters. Adam isn't a knight in shining armor, he's the gatekeeper to hell. And he isn’t just after Keron.

Who does love a game of hide and SHRIEK! 






A gambling cruise of a lifetime becomes a wager of life and death.


The Nevers, Leo and Catherine, board a cruise ship to right a horrible wrong. Brad Thomas and Tyron Power, partners in the T & P law firm, board the ship to gamble. Gamble big time. Their law firm has ruined the lives of a few clients and has caused the death of others. With the unknowing assistance of a defrocked priest, a lesbian belly dancer, a retired madam, a Vietnamese born Chinese waiter, a voodoo priestess and the invisible, Mrs. Sygank Ram; Leo and Catherine get most of the crew and passengers involved in a "Ghoul Pool." Sort of a football pool, but you only win if someone dies.

Place a bet?   We'll be setting sail soon










The only witnesses to their mother's brutal death, identical twins Lindsey and Dyian grow into womanhood with different agendas. Lindsey wants justice. Dyian wants vengeance.


The twins discover the greatest fear of each of the five killers. Deep in a cave, at the deep end of swimming pool filled with ice, high on a circus tight rope, a kangaroo court is convened. Each killer is given a chance: tell the truth and justice will be served; lie and fate will decide.


As the killers vanish, the police close in on the twins. They try to create a ruse, but Dyian is killed. Now over the edge, Lindsey lures the remaining psychopath into a macabre mimicry of the last day of her mother's life.

If you don't believe in taking prisoners read here.









The tormented nerds of the class of 2009 have grown up and they are angry.


Old friends, enemies, lovers and teammates gather in a Hilton Ballroom as the alumnae celebrate their tenth reunion. And the party is free!  Someone's picked up the tab for the dinner, open bar and the music.  The party just kicks into high gear when a fire alarm wails and the celebrants race to the exits. 


But the party isn't over. Everyone is invited to an estate. A computerized mansion of terror. The trip down memory lane is not along the yellow brick road. The geeks have some very special memories, memories they want to share. Memories that will include a great deal of pain. Because more than one person in the class of 2013 is not what they seem.

Feel like singing your old high school song?  Coming soon






A bitter, lonely widower discovers he still has room in his heart for love.


Everyone loved Cynthia Rudge, especially her husband Gregory.  When she dies suddenly, his heart shrivels. His wife's dream for a better town impels Gregory to run for mayor against the corrupt incumbent. With the help of a transvestite garbage man, a Vietnamese veteran (from the communist side) and two illegal aliens, Rudge runs one hell of an election campaign.

If you'd like to take part in the election, read here 











What if the daughter of Comet and Vixen refused to learn to fly?


From the moment of birth, Pickle hoofed to her own drummer, even missing her naming ceremony after refusing her first reindeer flying lessons. 


Santa loved her anyway and sent three wise elves to guide her through these troubled times. The young fawn was rude, full of herself and sometimes downright mean. Quickly, she was christened Pickle. 


Pickle decides to discover the world on her own and finds that the snow is definitely not whiter on the far side of the North Pole.

 Help Pickle find her way - right here 








A young witch must decide which kind of witch to be. A Witch of wands and wings? Or a Witch of brooms, bats, and naughty things?


Twenty-four hours before her thirteenth birthday, Nimbus Nimble is summoned to the coven.  


The Witches of the Wand take her on a magical, mystical tour of the world.  With a wave of the wand they travel here, there and everywhere.  The Witches teach Nimbus the song of The Wand: a song of joy, frogs that become princes, magical carpets, mermaids and star dust.



The Witches of the Broom teach her the song of The Broom. They take her on a ride across the face of the moon, they surf on hurricanes and somersault down cyclones. Twist the broom right and volcanoes ignite. Twist the broom left and turn a bat into a French chef. Nimbus learns the language of bats and toads and how to heat the caldron and brew Witch’s Stew.


But something besides Witch’s Stew is brewing and only Nimbus can save both groups of the coven.

Coming soon...... to be added to the Children's Corner before Halloween. 


When you see:

OS - Next to dialogue means the speaker is Off Screen

POV - Means we see the scene through the characters eyes

VO - VOICE OVER -- We watch a scene as a character tells us about it.

CAPITOL -  Letters are use every time a new character is introduced

                 - Letters are used to tell the reader what the camera is focused on. 

Enjoy your journey,