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I have a friend who is homeschooling her  daughter and currently trying to transfer her to another  school.


When this quarantine is over, let's  not tell some  people.




The dumbest thing I ever bought was a  2020 planner.

2020  -  Calendar

31    days hath May

30    days hath June

350  days hath July

5      years hath August

Not to brag, but I haven't been late to anything in over six weeks.

As  we  all know  Fred and Wilma Flintstone were the  first couple to be shown in bed together  on T.V.  you  knew that, didn't you?

But when was the first toilet flushed  on T.V. show


Twinkle, Twister and Starlight Save Christmas

When Santa disappears the day before Christmas Eve, who would drive his sleigh?  Who would deliver toys to world‘s boys and girls? Could Twinkle, Twister and Starlight, three irascible elves who do not believe in girls and boys, possibly save Christmas?


New - Story Song (Song to the screen play)

One-Minute Mysteries

Pick a mystery and solve it before the sand in the imaginary one-minute timer runs out.

A Work of Art

Peter Tulley, an avid golfer, a man who wouldn’t tell a white lie if his life depended on it, literally stumbles upon a stolen work of art. The sculpture seems to be cursed; when Peter tries to return it, all hell breaks loose.

Murder at the Hotel Paradise

Detective Pauline Clucas and Lieutenant Linda Albion ducked under the crime scene tape blocking access to room 410 at the Hotel Paradise.  The women circled the body on the bed. Detective Clucas took series of pictures on her cell and began typing on her cell phone.... Can you solve this on your own?

Ukulele Tips

Aloha, Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Ukulele! Click here for some of my ukulele tips.

Here's a song I wrote! Describing my musical journey and my passion for the ukulele!

What You Can Learn from a Snake and a Worm

The book will capture a child's imagination, challenge a young person's vocabulary and introduce the child to basic geometric shapes. The use of bold primary colors and illustrations brings the story to life!

The Shape of Things through Butterfly Wings

An illustrated, rhyming children's book that challenges a young person's vocabulary and introduces the child to basic geometric shapes.

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