Aloha Dear Readers,

I wonder why:


Some people are like Slinky’s not really good for anything, but you can’ help smiling when you see one tumble down the stairs.  [I apologize this is mean]

Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars but check when you say the paint is wet?

Why do Americans choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America ?

 The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!

LIFE & LAUGHTER is guaranteed to bring a few chuckles with new additions such as: "What Happens in Vegas can bite you in the Buttocks & New Years Resolutions &  Combing the Caribbean Disaster Strikes, " and lastly my "Obituary."  After all who knows me better and who would give a more honest account of my life??


One Minute Mystery lovers – “The Ice Woman Cometh” is the newest addition to O.M.M. Teams Santa Cruz, San Geronimo and Sacramento have at it. If you want to join or create a team let me know.   "Bad Luck Charm"  has almost been solved by one of my editors, Dennis Coupe.  I think he had to use google. I've made the mystery a bit harder.  Don't blame me.  Blame Dennis.  Congrats to Mike Clancy who solved  " Mountain Murder or Madness?"  No one has solved "The Day the Music Died."   Margie you're very close. So we'll make "The Day the Music Died," this month’s contest. 

THE BIG ONE IS HERE --- Everyone is eligible win SIX weeks visiting the capitols of Europe, ALL EXPENSES PAID!  Simply put on your thinking cap and answer the questions in Pop Quiz I --- in  'Ah, but I Digress.'  All entries must be sent to me by midnight  July 2, 2021.  The winner of the half way around the world trip will be announced shortly. 

Thank you for your comments. Over 5000 hits and the word is spreading.  A special thanks to my younger readers, especially Addison M.  and Emma S. Quoting Addison, "Pickle the Sour Puss Reindeer," is now, my new all time favorite Christmas Story. " To Emma, no Emma, I do not know why "Twister, Twinkle and Starlight save Christmas," is not a movie. But during this pandemic I wrote a screenplay and recorded nine original songs. Where are you Pixar or Netflix?  p.s.  Young and older readers will enjoy "Nimbus Nimble the Youngest Witch of Wayward Way," which will be added soon to my Children's Corner. 

Mom's & Dad's etc... We all want to teach our children how to think out of the box ----

Here's one for the adults in the room.  With a pencil, without lifting it off the paper, connect all the dots with four straight lines. 

                                                  .    .    .

                                                  .    .    .

                                                  .    .    .   

I've created a new section of my Children's Corner Called - What Am I?  - In rhyme it asks your child to think out of the box by reading the clues and figuring out which animal is being described. 



Three of my all time kids cartoons are just a click away at the Children's Corner.  Sing along with "Lambert, the Sheepish Lion."

In response to you that have enjoyed reading a movie, yes I will be adding the first act of "Winner Takes All," shortly. To Irv & Maria, a BIG thanks, "Ton Eighty," is one of my favorites too.  

Stay safe, good health, love and laughter,



Step under the rainbow arch and enter Tucks Place.

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Twinkle, Twister and Starlight Save Christmas

When Santa disappears the day before Christmas Eve, who would drive his sleigh?  Who would deliver toys to world‘s boys and girls? Could Twinkle, Twister and Starlight, three irascible elves who do not believe in girls and boys, possibly save Christmas?


New - Story Song (Song to the screen play)
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One-Minute Mysteries

the "Ice Woman" is coming soon. 

Pick a mystery and solve it before the sand in the imaginary one-minute timer runs out.

A Work of Art

Peter Tulley, an avid golfer, a man who wouldn't tell a white lie if his life depended on it, literally stumbles upon a stolen work of art. The sculpture seems to be cursed; when Peter tries to return it, all hell breaks loose.

Murder at the Hotel Paradise

Detective Pauline Clucas and Lieutenant Linda Albion ducked under the crime scene tape blocking access to room 410 at the Hotel Paradise.  The women circled the body on the bed. Detective Clucas took series of pictures on her cell and began typing on her cell phone.... Can you solve this on your own?

Ukulele Tips

Aloha, Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Ukulele! Click here for some of my ukulele tips.

Here's a song I wrote! Describing my musical journey and my passion for the ukulele!

What You Can Learn from a Snake and a Worm

The book will capture a child's imagination, challenge a young person's vocabulary and introduce the child to basic geometric shapes. The use of bold primary colors and illustrations brings the story to life!

The Shape of Things through Butterfly Wings

An illustrated, rhyming children's book that challenges a young person's vocabulary and introduces the child to basic geometric shapes.

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