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My close friends the Flummox family have a small rental unit in the hills above Sausalito, with a panoramic view of San Francisco and the bay, two bed rooms and a hot tub. Fred Flummox and I were playing liars dice when his cell phone buzzed. He read the following and then showed it to me and asked


Deer Peeples

A reel beg HEY two you.

Me and da missus may bee wantin two bee renten yer Sauslualeetia plase ner frisco, in Cauliforie. Wee bee ready to occupay your residential astate four a tyme this Febyouairy. Butt we don’t be stupid. We hive sum illigetamate guesktions.

pleaze bee responsiveness to use an uze the bottem, down their, beelow.....

1. How many nakid peoples kan their be in that outside woolen beth tubby u got?

How about if evreebuddy1 is reaaaaaallllly slippery? ike en korn Oill?

2. Yer add says yer bitty plase can onely sleep sex people. Suppose you're realllllllllly....really friendly.

3. We seen dem mountens in the picktures --- can you mak the mounten on the left lower?

4. If you cin't due it due wee git a cheeper prize on rent?

5. Da water area below youse house is begger dan we’ve xpeeected. Does peeples get lost der. You hive a cannnoee?

& and piddles for moven it.

5. Their be a lot of threes neerbye your house. if we chop our own firewould --- well u luwer the renting coast?

6. Yer kleening free we'll be happy to do..... All da kids be really handie with da broom, rag and de mip.... rub a dub, rub a dub....... the dogs even use there little tails,,,, dusta, dusta, dusta,.....

7. Wee want to leve are trailer huse outside. must of de famalee of varmits has went. You got de varmits down your wey?

Can’t we be can parc on yer poach dek.....

I've git extree plywod.... I'll leeve it four your nixt seattler.

8. The litle women just give me sharpee elbow in me belly.... She wants to know where is outhouse....... ?? And how come she don’t cee no cloths liens.

9. Maybee you shold breng down rent big tyme...... faect es maybe we not from you at all..... Yeah. The little woman says yeah 2 --- Just forget all this..... clean up yer place

Ade sum anenimes lick the cloth liens. ..

Tim to git yer chew wa wa doggies in a row. Make it desendent for decent folks lke use... bring down da rent an wee bee desidin

Or wear goen elswear.

Buy buy


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